Get Involved

You can play an important role in advocating for patient fire safety.  Below are a few ways that you can help.

Speak Out at the Code Hearings

Plan to attend and be active in, ICC conferences, and Public Comment Hearings, and committee meetings.  We need fire code officials to make a case against proposed fire safety code changes that will directly impact patients safety.  If you are interested in helping this way, you are not alone.  We have prepared arguments and will work with you through the code process.  Contact for more information.

Raise Awareness

Contact your local fire and building code officials, local politicians, and other interested parties, regarding these proposed changes.  Educate them on what is going on, your community may not even know whats happening.  Let them know that you do not agree with these proposals.  This website is a tool, share the information.

Donate Now

This fight may be lengthy, and we need your financial support.  We exist only by the donations of organization, groups, and individuals who are in accordance with our cause and believe in our mission.  We ensure that all supporters maintain their anonymity and are, therefore, able to give a voice to patient safety without fear of retaliation from the healthcare industry.  Every penny of your donation goes directly to further the cause of advocating for patient fire safety (all overhead costs have been covered). 

Make checks payable to:  Patient Fire Safety Coalition

Mail to:  285 SW Ridgecrest Dr., Port St. Lucie, FL 34953